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When children in state care are unable to return home due to safety concerns, and reunification with their biological family is not possible because the safety concerns are not remedied, children in the state foster system become eligible for adoption. They are truly orphans, and if families do not open their hearts and homes, these children will age out of the foster care system as young adults alone in the world, after having bounced from place to place, school to school, and caseworker to caseworker, without the stability of family. It is absolutely critical to the future of these children that they have forever families to love them, that they do not grow up without having a place of belonging, and that they do not have to face the world alone, after having been ill equipped to navigate it.

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The children in state care whose parental rights, America's orphans,  have been severed have already experienced significant trauma.  They do not need any more uncertainty - staying in multiple foster or group homes and not having anyone or anything constant or stable in their lives.   On average, foster children move one to two times per year, losing on average 4-6 months of academic progress each time.  When they move foster homes, they often carry all of their worldly possessions in a plastic garbage bag.  They need stability, love, and hope - they need the same opportunities other children in the U.S. have.  They need a loving, forever family.

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If you are interested in adopting a child out of the state foster care system, you should know how desperately you are wanted and needed by thousands of children who are praying someone will want them.  Adoption does not require marriage or home ownership.  You must be 21 or older, a legal U.S. and state resident, pass a criminal background check, a home safety study, and supply references to the court.  You are not required to be a foster parent first when adopting a child from the state foster care system.

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The courts will need to certify that you meet the requirements to adopt a child from the foster care system. There is a written application, adoption orientation and training, and a background check.   Would you like more information on next steps in the process?  We'll send it to you!

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Get Adoption Requirements, Processes, and Costs

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