Troy's adoption from the foster care system

Troy entered state foster care at three years old.  At age seven, he still hoped for adoption.  Six foster homes later, Troy was moved into a group home. In those years, he learned never to unpack the plastic bag that held all of his belongings, because he knew it wouldn’t last. At thirteen, Troy just wanted to make it until he was eighteen, and out in the world alone. He thought the young kids were most desired for adoption –  therefore they were the ones that got forever families and permanent homes.

Until Rick, a single dad, found his photo online.

At thirteen, Troy’s  whose parental rights were severed a decade ago.  He waited a very long time for someone to adopt him, but really, had all but lost hope.  Troy desperately needed someone to love him, to  give him a family and a future.  Rick said, “I can be his dad!” and he began the process of adopting a foster child from the state foster care system.

Six months later, Rick was Troy’s dad.

At fourteen, Troy enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and first Christmas with a family. His grades are improving and he now wants to be a child psychologist to help other kids who are in the foster care system.   A smart and articulate young man, Troy is eager to share his journey to educate the public about the many needs of children in foster care who pray that someone will find them, want them, and commit to their adoption into their family.

You see, everyone can do something. And Rick did. He changed Troy’s life forever.  In the process, adoption  expanded Rick’s heart in ways he never dreamed possible.

Government should not raise these vulnerable children.  Therefore, it is up to all of us, and it takes all of us stepping up to meet the needs of the tens of thousands of children in foster care. Find out what YOU can do to help the over 17,000 AZ foster children who are waiting for someone to love them…   Foster, adopt, volunteer, donate.  Find out more at:

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