Challenging Misinformation About Arizona Foster Child Adoption Process

Arizona foster child adoption process

There is a lot of information out there about the Arizona foster child adoption process. Some of the information is accurate, and some of it is inaccurate. Building Arizona Families is a licensed Arizona adoption agency that has been specializing in helping Arizona families adopt foster children for over 10 years, with many of the […]

Thousands of Arizona Foster Children Are Hoping for Forever Families

There are thousands of foster children in Arizona whose parental rights have been severed. This means that these precious children are legally available for adoption. Additionally, Arizona families interested in helping vulnerable Arizona foster children who have already suffered so much can consider the foster to adopt AZ children process. The foster to adopt AZ […]

Adopt Arizona Foster Children Directly from Foster Care

ADOPT ARIZONA FOSTER CHILDREN THROUGH THE BUILDING ARIZONA FAMILIES FOREVER FAMILIES U.S. PROGRAM As an accredited adoption agency, one of our goals is to help people adopt Arizona foster children.  We believe every child should grow up in a loving family. Building Arizona Families connects Arizona foster children who are hoping and praying for forever […]

Direct Adoption of Arizona Foster Children – No Fostering Required

Did you know that you can adopt directly from the Arizona state foster care system without being required to foster first?  You absolutely can adopt directly, and are not required to be a licensed foster family first. We Are Their Future works with Building Arizona Families, the largest adoption agency in Arizona, and they specialize […]

Raiden’s Story – The Missing Piece

WE ARE THEIR FUTURE – The Children Need Us Now.  Progress Report #2  //  July 2017 Raiden Was The Missing Puzzle Piece of His Forever Family Dear Friend, Jessica was adopted at birth.  Her adopted mother told Jessica that she was born of her heart, not of her womb.  Jessica always knew she would adopt […]

Arizona Foster Children Suffer from PTSD

Foster children have been taken into protective custody by the Arizona Department of Child Safety because they  have been victims of neglect and or abuse. They are removed from their homes because it is not safe for them to stay there. Foster children have experienced the trauma of being harmed or neglected., then they experience […]

Helping Arizona Foster Children Can Be Fun!

Arizona foster children will benefit from a family friendly event where proceeds from raffles are donated to non-profit organizations, and admission revenue benefits Kurt & Brenda Warner’s non-profit – Treasure House. Please join We Are Their Future THIS SATURDAY for a day of family fun!  Enter to win OUR raffle prizes – a gift of […]