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Thousands of Arizona Foster Children Are Hoping for Forever Families

There are thousands of foster children in Arizona whose parental rights have been severed. This means that these precious children are legally available for adoption. Additionally, Arizona families interested in helping vulnerable Arizona foster children who have already suffered so much can consider the foster to adopt AZ children process. The foster to adopt AZ children process is not required, however, and foster children whose parental rights have been severed are available for direct adoption.

Adopting foster children is a wonderful way to grow a forever family for many reasons. First and foremost, these precious children deserve to be safe, loved, and have a bright future. No child in America should grow up in foster care – children flourish in families. Secondly, adoption from foster care is often faster and far less expensive than private adoption. And of course the best reason, is that it will change your family and the child’s life forever!

Building Arizona Families specializes in helping Arizona families adopt foster children through our Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program. As a licensed adoption agency, we have been serving prospective adoptive families since 2004. We are located in Phoenix, AZ but are able to provide adoptive services of foster children from every state, not just Arizona. The adoptive family must be located in Arizona, but the child is not required to be a foster child in Arizona.

For more information about adopting Arizona foster children, read more HERE.  You can read more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program HERE. Please feel free to reach out to the program manager to get more specifics about adopting Arizona foster children or the foster to adopt AZ process.  Please contact Ixcel Baca directly  at 623-696-9537 or by e-mail HERE.

We Are Their Future Chooses Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers as the Home for the Holidays Business Hero


We Are Their Future Announces Our Home for the Holiday Hero!

Lowe's Home Improvement Stores are We Are Their Future holiday hero

We Are Their Future is pleased to announce that Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores has been chosen as our Holiday Hero in the business category!

Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores has stepped up in a BIG way to partner with We Are Their Future to help Arizona’s foster children have a fabulous holiday season! From sponsoring our Home for the Holidays kick off event with over 500 foster children, to donating thousands of dollars of Christmas lights/decor for group home children to participate in the Home for the Holidays light display at Winter WonderFest, we couldn’t have asked for a more caring business partnership. Enjoy the video from our kick off event at the Lucas Oil Dragboat Races World Finals. Please be sure to show Lowe’s some holiday shopping love, as they are demonstrating their commitment to Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

You can be a hero for Arizona’s vulnerable foster children.  Find out how you can change a foster child’s future at

What is True Religion? A Radio Interview with Vickie Isaac, Founder of We Are Their Future

Arizona foster child

I’ve been to Africa, I’ve served in orphanages, and held children languishing with AIDS.  It’s a life altering experience.   I wrestled with coming back to the U.S., knowing how desperate the children are in Africa.  Then I learned about the heartbreaking realities of child abuse and neglect in America.  In a recent radio interview with Tom Brown’s on FaithTalk 1360, I shared  some of what I have learned.

I learned that in Arizona alone, a child is abused every TWO minutes.  And that there are almost 17,000 foster children in just the Arizona state foster care system.  Of the almost 17,000 children, about two-thirds of them will eventually have their parental rights severed.  There are over 3,000 foster children RIGHT NOW who are ORPHANS in Arizona alone – right here in our own backyard.  And as much as I love oversees missions work, I can no longer ignore the fact that we have a mandate to care for these vulnerable children.  As a matter of fact, the Bible describes true religion as taking care of orphans in distress – Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27.  Believe me, these children are in distress!

Because of this overwhelming need, I founded We Are Their Future.  It is a citizen’s initiative to  meet the urgent needs of foster children who have been horribly neglected and abused. It’s why I am advocating for foster children, and why I believe everyone can and should do something to help them.

Please take a few moments to listen to the interview.  Here is the link:

I firmly believe that once everyday people like you and I find out about how many foster and adoptive children there are, they will step up and help.  These children have been horrifically neglected and abused.  They need to be safe, loved, and grow up in forever families.  Everyone can do something to help – foster, adopt, volunteer, and donate.  It costs We Are Their Future only $25 to find a family interested in fostering or adopting.  Compare that to the cost to care for a child in a group home – about $4,000 per month!  Can you spare $25?  If so, CLICK HERE to help find a forever family for an orphaned foster child.

I urge you to look at the ways of getting involved, and embrace the challenge to be a part of changing the future for these children.  We cannot sit idly by and believe  government can parent these children.  It takes homes, families… it takes US.  CLICK HERE to look at ways YOU can change a vulnerable foster child’s future.  Thank you, and please share this information – because if EVERYONE DOES SOMETHING, we can change the future for foster children.

Standing to change children’s future,

Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.

Founder/CEO, We Are Their Future

Raiden’s Story – The Missing Piece

WE ARE THEIR FUTURE – The Children Need Us Now.

 Progress Report #2  //  July 2017

Raiden Was The Missing Puzzle Piece of His Forever Family

Dear Friend,

Jessica was adopted at birth.  Her adopted mother told Jessica that she was born of her heart, not of her womb.  Jessica always knew she would adopt children who needed someone to love them.  When she found out she couldn’t have her own children, Jessica and Chris immediately began the adoption process.  That’s when they found Raiden, and welcomed him into their forever family as their missing piece.


Watch Rayden’s foster to adoption love story in

“The Missing Piece” video, Part 1 in the     

“Love Stories, The Journey from Foster to Forever” Series

There are thousands of Arizona children still waiting, hoping that they will become part of someone’s forever family.  It’s why we can’t stop – until there are no forgotten Arizona children who have no one to belong to and no place to call home.

I am so pleased to report great news to you – PLEASE keep reading about how foster children’s lives are being changed!

Continue Reading…





=> Our average cost to find a potential adoptive family is $25.00 per lead.








=> These leads came in without ANY digital marketing.  They are a result of our live events, social media, and the effectiveness of our webite.  With YOUR financial help, we can do even MORE.

We urgently need funds to educate the public about the tremendous need for foster homes. 


For example, from April-Sept. 2016, the Arizona Department of Child Safety terminated 34 group home licenses, including seven for “child maltreatment,” 4 for neglect, and 13 over failed fingerprint-clearance cards.








69 People said YES to volunteering! 

We immediately connected them with non-profits whose greatest need is volunteers to help get the work done!  Do you have a church or employee group that wants volunteer opportunities?  Can you spend some time helping to meet foster children’s practical needs? Everyone can do something to help!



Watch Rayden’s foster to adoption story in

“The Missing Piece” video, Part 1 in the

“Love Stories, The Journey from Foster to Forever” Series




CLICK to say YES, I’ll help find forever families for Arizona’s foster children.

Endorsements for the We Are Their Future

Dan Shufelt, CEO of Arizona Helping Hands – “We are the largest provider of basic need to kids in foster care in Arizona. We are proud to be a member of We Are Their Future. We believe it’s so important to work together to #StandUp and #makeadifference for the 17,000+ kids in Arizona’s foster system. By spreading the word and collaborating, we can all play a part in making lives better.

In the first six months of 2017 Arizona Helping Hands has provided. 1,350 beds and cribs, clothing, diapers and more to help boys and girls in foster care. Help us do more. Visit today!

Angie Penrose – Co-Founder/Director of Building Arizona Families, Arizona’s largest non-profit adoption agency said, “We began to work with We Are Their Future a little over two months ago to promote adoption of foster children. The results have been impressive. They have an incredible knowledge of marketing that meets the unique needs of a non-profit organization. We have been provided numerous opportunities to connect with potential adoptive families through events and leads provided to us. Each contact represents the possibility of finding an adoptive home for a child in need!

We are thrilled, after 13 years of being in operation, to have finally found an organization to help us reach our goals of placing as many children as possible. Their commitment to our needs and the needs of the children is motivating and inspiring.”

We Are Their Future
Phone: 602.403.7575  //  E-mail:                    Connect with us!


Helping Arizona Foster Children Can Be Fun!

event to support non-profit organizations helping Arizona foster children

Arizona foster children will benefit from a family friendly event where proceeds from raffles are donated to non-profit organizations, and admission revenue benefits Kurt & Brenda Warner’s non-profit – Treasure House.

Please join We Are Their Future THIS SATURDAY for a day of family fun!  Enter to win OUR raffle prizes – a gift of Faith, Hope, and Love that includes a leather bound, 50 lb. 1611 King James Bible replica printed on cotton sheeting just as the original Bible was – a value of $1,000 with a raffle ticket price of $5.00! Or our “Around Town” basket of goodies including gift cards to restaurants, massage, D-backs tickets – a basket of summer FUN!!!

Plus come visit our booth, and shoot some hoops to win great prizes and help us  find forever families for Arizona’s vulnerable foster children! See you there!! Click here for ticket info:

504 Arizona Foster Children Left Foster Care Without EVER Finding a Family

504 foster children left foster care without a family

Arizona children deserve families, and should NEVER leave foster care ALONE in the world.  EVERYONE can do something to help. Foster, Adopt, Volunteer, or Donate.  Click to change children’s lives today and their futures tomorrow.

Arizona Foster Children Benefit from West Valley Gives Event

Come hang out with us as we share the needs of Arizona’s foster children with Valley residents ! We Are Their Future, Building Arizona Families, Arizona Helping Hands, and Hope High School Online will have booths at the upcoming West Valley Gives Rally and Treasure Walk event at the Cardinals Stadium!The event is lots of fun, AND a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the organizations that are working hard to change at risk Arizona foster children’s lives.  Remember, everyone can do something – foster, adopt, volunteer, and donate.  It’s up to us to provide hope and a bright future!

There will be great raffle prizes including kids bicycles, an autographed Kurt Warner football or helmet, autographed Cardinal’s jerseys from Tyrann Mathieu and David Johnson, restaurant gift cards, massages, etc. Not to mention that Kurt and Brenda Warner will be speaking, there will be live entertainment, face painting and games!

A great event that benefits Treasure House and other Valley non-profits including We Are Their Future! Don’t miss it. Tell your friends and get your tickets. Tickets are on sale now at

Foster Children are Better Off as Building Arizona Families and CarePortal Collaborate

When organizations and individuals work together to meet the needs of Arizona’s most vulnerable children, everyone wins!  The wonderful story below, shared with We Are Their Future by Arizona Helping Hands is a powerful example of how critical collaboration is to meet the needs of the over 17,000 children in Arizona’s state foster care system.  It is also a touching example of what it means to truly be watching out for Arizona’s vulnerable children, and how they can be protected by being a good neighbor, stepping in when there is a need to do so.   Remember, everyone can do SOMETHING, and it will take ALL of us to get the job done.    We cannot sit idly by and assume government will parent these children, it takes people who will open their hearts and do what they can to make a difference.

Joining together to make a difference for children & families!

foster children helped by Arizona Helping HandsArizona Helping Hands (“AHH”) is the State’s largest provider of basic essential needs for children in foster care. Through April 30th the Organization has provided 800+ beds and cribs (already this year!) to give children a Safe Place to Sleep, along with clothing, diapers, personal care items and even birthday packages to celebrate that so important but too often overlooked day for kids in foster care!

In 2016, the CarePortal began working in Maricopa County to connect Churches to local children and families in crisis. Quite the marriage was formed when these two groups began working together.
The CarePortal brings the needs of hurting children and families to the attention of local churches. DCS caseworkers uncover the needs and seek out church members to respond in real time to assist families. Many times the needs include something as basic as beds and cribs – and naturally, AHH is the obvious source to fill those needs, allowing church members to focus on other important pieces of support.

A recent case points out the beauty of this connection. Sherie Siegel took a phone call from a foster mom (“J”) looking for assistance with not a couple or a few, but SIX BEDS for the family she just opened her home to support and love. J told Sherie that she stopped at a downtown 7-11 and noticed a bunch of children hanging around. The 2 year old was running around with a soiled diaper, all the kids were dirty. J asked one of the kids where mom and dad were and the child pointed to the side of the building. Mom and Dad were obviously more consumed with deriving their own pleasure than caring for these kids. Eventually J took these kids home with her to clean them up, give them a meal and see where things would go.

Where did things go? – J is now fostering these six kids, in addition to the 7 that she has adopted! She was reaching out to AHH in hopes of giving these kids the basic comfort of a bed or a crib, and as with all our clients, Sherie threw open the door to say YES we will help. J’s issue was with space to provide sleeping arrangements for six new kids. The question was, “Does AHH supply bunkbeds?” Our answer, “NO, but let us explore whether our friends at the CarePortal can help out in this very special circumstance.”

Calls and emails were passed around, this amazing story shared across electronic channels, and lo and behold a CarePortal member stood up to say “I want to help!” In no time, an order was placed, bunkbeds were delivered and J and her husband showed up at AHH to pick up mattresses for the bunkbeds plus a crib, all the bedding, some care items, diapers and more.

What a perfect circle of love that closed around this family who so willingly opened themselves to kids in need with no visible means of support, just knowing it was what they must do. Arizona Helping Hands and the CarePortal continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of kids in and out of foster care, showing that it truly does take a village to #StandUp and #Makeadifference for boys and girls in our community.

In this, National Foster Care Awareness month, it’s important to know that EVERYONE can do something to support children in foster care. You can donate children’s gently used clothing at any area Mattress Firm location, you can hold a collection drive to gather new toys, games and books or even back to school supplies. Your church can explore becoming involved in the CarePortal. It truly does take a village, and by working together our entire community can encircle families like J’s with the love and support they, and especially those precious children, so desperately deserve.

Learn about the CarePortal at


Learn about Arizona Helping Hands and how you can help at

Contact the writer at and connect on FACEBOOK at

Adoption – Troy’s Foster Care Journey

Troy's adoption from the foster care system

Troy entered state foster care at three years old.  At age seven, he still hoped for adoption.  Six foster homes later, Troy was moved into a group home. In those years, he learned never to unpack the plastic bag that held all of his belongings, because he knew it wouldn’t last. At thirteen, Troy just wanted to make it until he was eighteen, and out in the world alone. He thought the young kids were most desired for adoption –  therefore they were the ones that got forever families and permanent homes.

Until Rick, a single dad, found his photo online.

At thirteen, Troy’s  whose parental rights were severed a decade ago.  He waited a very long time for someone to adopt him, but really, had all but lost hope.  Troy desperately needed someone to love him, to  give him a family and a future.  Rick said, “I can be his dad!” and he began the process of adopting a foster child from the state foster care system.

Six months later, Rick was Troy’s dad.

At fourteen, Troy enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and first Christmas with a family. His grades are improving and he now wants to be a child psychologist to help other kids who are in the foster care system.   A smart and articulate young man, Troy is eager to share his journey to educate the public about the many needs of children in foster care who pray that someone will find them, want them, and commit to their adoption into their family.

You see, everyone can do something. And Rick did. He changed Troy’s life forever.  In the process, adoption  expanded Rick’s heart in ways he never dreamed possible.

Government should not raise these vulnerable children.  Therefore, it is up to all of us, and it takes all of us stepping up to meet the needs of the tens of thousands of children in foster care. Find out what YOU can do to help the over 17,000 AZ foster children who are waiting for someone to love them…   Foster, adopt, volunteer, donate.  Find out more at:

#ForeverFamilies #EveryoneCanDoSomething

For Immediate Release

MARCH 28, 2017

Lucas Oil Racing and Elevate Marketing partner to launch citizen led initiative that meets critical needs of Arizona’s foster children.

Contact: Vickie Isaac | M.Ed. 602-403-7575 |

On April 1, 2017, the “We Are Their Future” citizen’s initiative launches an intensive public awareness campaign to engage Arizonans in helping to meet the needs of the over 17,000 children currently in Arizona’s foster care system. Kick off will be at the Lucas Oil Spring Dragboat Racing Nationals at Wild Horse Pass Motor Sports Park in Chandler, AZ.

The generous partnership with Lucas Oil Racing provides the high visibility platform needed to communicate with the public. In celebration of the initiative’s kick off, Lucas Oil Racing has donated race day tickets and is hosting lunch for over 500 foster children and their families.

According to Ken Dollar, Director of Lucas Oil Dragboat Racing, “It will be a wonderful day at the races! We are extremely excited about playing a role in kicking off this important initiative. Lucas Oil has long been committed to family values. It is a perfect match for who we are and exactly the kind of broad support we want to give to vulnerable children and families. We are honored to provide a platform to help change foster children’s lives, and invite Arizona businesses, corporations and individuals to join us.”

With the tagline, “Everyone Can Do Something,” the initiative outlines tangible ways to insure that no child is forgotten or denied the opportunity for a happy, safe childhood. Foster homes, adoptive families, volunteers, mentors, practical needs (cribs, mattresses, clothing, etc.), and financial contributions for the non-profits serving Arizona’s foster children will all be encouraged. The website will serve as the educational hub for involvement at

We Are Their Future will provide crucial support for the non-profit organizations serving Arizona’s foster children. A thank-you luncheon is scheduled on Friday, March 31 at Grand Canyon University with keynote speakers Christine Arians, co-founder of the Arians Family Foundation and wife of Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, as well as Debbie Moak, Director of the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family. The luncheon will celebrate the tireless efforts of the non-profits, and detail the ways the “We Are Their Future” initiative can help support their important work.

According to Vickie Isaac, President/CEO of Elevate Marketing and creator of the initiative,
I firmly believe that if Arizona citizens and businesses really understood the needs of our foster children, every foster child would have a safe, happy home. Foster children want to be just like other children — with forever families, birthday parties, bicycles, playing sports or music, camping, cooking, dancing, dreaming…. Everyone can do something to help. Foster, adopt, volunteer, donate. Government should not be raising children — we can all step up to help care for these vulnerable foster children. If everyone does what they can, these precious children’s lives will be changed forever. And Arizona will be a better state because her citizens put their children first.

About Lucas Oil Products
Lucas Oil is the leading manufacturer of petroleum additives and oils for high performance engines. Founded by trucker Forrest Lucas and his wife Charlotte in 1989, today Lucas Oil sponsors a variety of motorsports racing events and is heavily involved in multiple national and international charities. For more about Forrest and Charlotte Lucas and Lucas Oil, visit

About Elevate Marketing
Elevate Marketing is an Arizona based full service advertising agency with over two decades of experience serving local, state, national and international clients. Elevate Marketing specializes in meeting the needs of non-profit and cause oriented organizations whose missions are to help strengthen communities and serve people in need.
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