Adopting a child is a profound and rewarding journey for families seeking to expand their households through love and compassion. There are several types of adoption.  This blog will explore the requirements to adopt a foster child through the Arizona Department of Child Safety, Arizona’s child welfare agency.  UNDERSTANDING THE REQUIREMENTS TO ADOPT A CHILD The […]


It’s a common misconception that individuals must first become foster parents and foster to adopt before adopting from foster care. There is a direct Arizona foster care adoption process through a comprehensive home study.  The home study process ensures that adoptive parents are well-prepared and equipped to provide a loving and stable environment for their future […]

Learn About U.S. Kids for Adoption During National Adoption Month

U.S. Kids for Adoption

November is not just a month of falling leaves and cooler temperatures; it’s also National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness about the urgent need to adopt children from the foster care system in the United States. With over 400,000 children currently in the U.S. foster care system, there’s a pressing demand for safe, […]

Adopt American Kids: A Compassionate Journey through Foster Care Adoption

Adopt American Kids

Adopt American kids who are waiting in the U.S. foster care system! There are thousands of children waiting and praying for a loving, safe, forever family. Choosing to adopt from foster care is a heartwarming decision which offers love, stability, and a bright future to a child in urgent need. It is profoundly life-changing for […]

How to Adopt U.S. Children from the Foster Care System

Adopt U.S. Children

Families that adopt U.S. children from the foster care system discover that adoption can be incredibly fulfilling and life-changing for both parents and children. Thousands of children in foster care are waiting for permanent, loving homes. If you have considered adoption and are interested in providing a stable and nurturing environment for a child in […]

Can You Adopt a Child in Need?

Adopt a Child in Need

At any given time in the United States, thousands of children whose parental rights have been severed due to abuse or neglect are available for adoption.  While the children hope and pray for forever families to adopt them, they live in foster or group homes around the country.  The children range in age from infant […]

Adopting Foster Children is Truly Life-Changing

Adopting Foster Children

Interested in adopting foster children? Many people are unaware of the experiences of foster children in the United States. Children are removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system when it is unsafe for them to remain at home. Parental rights are severed by the state they reside in when the child […]

Over 100,000 Foster Kids are Waiting to be Adopted Right Now

Waiting to be Adopted

On any given day in the United States, there are approximately 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system.  Of those 400,000 children, approximately 124,000 are waiting to be adopted.  There is always an urgent need for loving families to adopt U.S. kids. Older Children, Sibling Groups, and Special Needs Children Waiting to be Adopted […]

It’s National Foster Care Month for Kids Awaiting Adoption

Kids Awaiting Adoption

With approximately 117,000 kids awaiting adoption in the U.S. foster care system, it is always a good time to bring awareness to the need for loving forever families to open their hearts and homes and change the lives of these vulnerable children and teens.  This month is National Foster Care Month, and the theme is “Strengthening Minds.  Uplifting […]

Who Qualifies for Foster Child Adoption?

Foster Child Adoption

Foster child adoption requirements vary from state to state. Building Arizona Families, a licensed, non-profit, and BBB A+ rated adoption agency, serves Arizona families who want to adopt foster children. Eligibility for Foster Child Adoption In Arizona, any single adult or married couple can adopt. Stepparents can also adopt foster children if their spouse has […]