What if adoption or fostering a child is not a match for you?  No problem - your help is desperately needed and you can make a lasting difference in a foster child's life!


tutoring foster children
Many of the non-profit organizations serving Arizona's foster children are short handed. It might be wrapping birthday presents, or maybe it's as simple as driving supplies from one office to another. It could be helping a child learn to read, play the piano, or simply sharing the simple joys of fishing or cooking. Children in foster care deserve the same EXPERIENCES as other children, but it may take an extra set of hands - YOURS - to make sure they have them.
Helping to Meet the Children's Needs
Often when children are taken into custody, they have very few possessions to take with them. Sometimes all they have is in a plastic garbage bag. They need clothing, backpacks, cribs, mattresses, diapers, formula, personal care supplies, and the list goes on. When the children come in to state care, the first place that is considered for placing the children is a relatives home. What happens if a grandmother on a fixed income suddenly finds herself with three young children? She needs our help to meet the needs of these children. And she is one of thousands of foster families who need our practical support.
Financial Support
The non-profits serving our foster children are always in need of financial support. The need is great and they rely on the generosity of Arizona's citizens to meet the tremendous needs of the tens of thousands of children in care. Your financial contributions help them maintain adequate staffing levels, maintain safe, clean and attractive facilities where children and families can interact, and help provide for the countless practical needs involved in serving our vulnerable Arizona families. Find out more about the non-profits that urgently need your financial support to keep serving our foster children.

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