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Challenging Misinformation About Arizona Foster Child Adoption Process

There is a lot of information out there about the Arizona foster child adoption process. Some of the information is accurate, and some of it is inaccurate. Building Arizona Families is a licensed Arizona adoption agency that has been specializing in helping Arizona families adopt foster children for over 10 years, with many of the staff having adopted children or been adopted themselves. Because we have a personal connection to the child adoption process, we are passionate about making sure that complete, accurate information is available to families who are interested in adoption. One common misperception is that families must foster to adopt AZ foster children. This is absolutely not accurate. To adopt a foster child, the child adoption process in Arizona does not include the requirement to become foster care certified first. Families can be certified to adopt and move directly though the foster child adoption process without involvement in foster care.

Arizona Foster Child Adoption Process

The foster child adoption process includes choosing a licensed adoption agency that is a match for your family’s needs and has your best interests at heart. An application will then be required. Once reviewed and accepted, the next step is a home study, which evaluates the environment the child will be raised in to meet state requirements. There is a selection process to identify the foster children you believe are a match for your family. Once those foster child adoption selection parameters are agreed upon, you will wait to be selected and for a placement. The child or children will come to live in your home for approximately six months, and if the placement is a match, your family can proceed to legal adoption.

Foster Child Adoption Costs

One of the benefits of adopting a foster child is that the adoption cost is much lower than other types of adoption. One specific adoption cost is the fee for a home study through a licensed adoption agency. You can read more about the Arizona foster child adoption process and costs HERE. Additionally, there are adoption financial assistance resources available. You can read more about those resources HERE.

Building Arizona Families is passionate about the opportunity to help the process move from foster to adopt AZ children and children from around the US. Adoptive families must reside in Arizona to be eligible for the Forever Families program, but foster children from around the US are eligible.

A True Building Arizona Families Foster Child Adoption Process – From Foster to Forever!

Jessica knew about adoption — she was adopted at birth.  Her adoptive mother told Jessica that she was born of her heart, not of her womb. Jessica always knew she would adopt children who needed someone to love them. When Jessica and Chris found out they couldn’t conceive, they immediately began the process of finding a child who needed to be loved. That is when they found Raiden and welcomed him into their forever family.  Raiden was the missing piece of their forever family. Watch a short clip of their story HERE.

You can read more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families US Adoption Program HERE.  Please feel free to reach out to the program manager to get more specifics about adopting foster children or the foster to adopt AZ process, please contact Ixcel Baca at 623-696-9537 or by e-mail HERE.

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Thousands of Arizona Foster Children Are Hoping for Forever Families

There are thousands of foster children in Arizona whose parental rights have been severed. This means that these precious children are legally available for adoption. Additionally, Arizona families interested in helping vulnerable Arizona foster children who have already suffered so much can consider the foster to adopt AZ children process. The foster to adopt AZ children process is not required, however, and foster children whose parental rights have been severed are available for direct adoption.

Adopting foster children is a wonderful way to grow a forever family for many reasons. First and foremost, these precious children deserve to be safe, loved, and have a bright future. No child in America should grow up in foster care – children flourish in families. Secondly, adoption from foster care is often faster and far less expensive than private adoption. And of course the best reason, is that it will change your family and the child’s life forever!

Building Arizona Families specializes in helping Arizona families adopt foster children through our Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program. As a licensed adoption agency, we have been serving prospective adoptive families since 2004. We are located in Phoenix, AZ but are able to provide adoptive services of foster children from every state, not just Arizona. The adoptive family must be located in Arizona, but the child is not required to be a foster child in Arizona.

For more information about adopting Arizona foster children, read more HERE.  You can read more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program HERE. Please feel free to reach out to the program manager to get more specifics about adopting Arizona foster children or the foster to adopt AZ process.  Please contact Ixcel Baca directly  at 623-696-9537 or by e-mail HERE.

Adopt Arizona Foster Children Directly from Foster Care

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As an accredited adoption agency, one of our goals is to help people adopt Arizona foster children.  We believe every child should grow up in a loving family. Building Arizona Families connects Arizona foster children who are hoping and praying for forever families with loving Arizona families who are hoping and praying for children of their own!


Did you know that right now in there are thousands of Arizona foster children  whose parental rights have been severed?  This means you can directly adopt Arizona foster children  without the need to become a foster parent first. These precious children need loving families right now. The longer they remain in foster care, the greater risk there is of negative impacts like PTSD, poor academic outcomes, and poor self esteem to name a few. The average foster child moves homes two to three times per year, and every child deserves a safe, stable home environment to thrive in.


One of the benefits for those who choose to adopt Arizona foster children  whose parental rights are already severed is that adoptive families are able to choose the gender, age, and ethnicity of the child(ren) they adopt. Adoptive families can also choose sibling groups as well.


Adopting directly from foster care is also substantially less expensive than private adoption. The state of Arizona covers some of the adoption costs involved because foster children are in the custody of the state for care.


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We invite you to download our complimentary information kit about direct adoption from foster care. It provides basic information about the adoption process, qualifications, costs, and requirements of adopting foster children in Arizona. Please CLICK HERE to download.


Building Arizona Families invites you to attend an upcoming adoption seminar. Our seminars are free of charge and answer many of the questions about the adoption process, qualifications, costs, and requirements of adopting foster children in Arizona. Please CLICK HERE to RSVP.

Vickie Isaac, CEO of We Are Their Future Interview on Valley Focus Radio

We Are Their Future Founder Vickie Isaac

We Are Their Future founder and President/CEO Vickie Isaac was interviewed on Valley Focus this past Sunday. Valley Focus,  a Sunday morning feature of Hubbard Broadcasting  on five radio stations in the Phoenix metro area. Conversation focused on the urgent needs for Arizona foster children.  Every day Arizonans were encouraged to get involved in helping the almost 17,000 vulnerable children in Arizona’s state foster care system.

Host Valerie More graciously invited Vickie and Ixcel Baca, Program Coordinator for Building Arizona Families to join her on air.   Valerie told her audience that helping Arizona’s foster children is the greatest need she has highlighted in her years of hosting  Valley Focus.  Arizona Helping Hands, Inc​ was highlighted as a wonderful way Arizonans help foster children.

Heartbreaking facts about Arizona foster children were discussed.   There are almost 3,000 vulnerable children who live in group homes with other Arizona foster children.   Over 5,000 abused or neglected children entered foster care in the past six months reporting period.  There are thousands of Arizona foster children whose parental rights have been severed, leaving them orphaned.  When children are removed from their homes, their meager belongings are hastily thrown into a garbage bag.  These are just a few of the heartbreaking facts.  There are many more…

We Are Their Future encourages everyone to do something – foster, adopt, volunteer, or donate.  We cannot sit idly by, assuming that government should be raising these children.  These vulnerable Arizona foster children need to know they are safe, loved, have a family to belong to, and a future they can hope for.  Please take some time to listen to the interview.   Please choose a way to help Arizona’s foster children.   Everyone can do something!

Direct Adoption of Arizona Foster Children – No Fostering Required

Mother kissing her little adopted son

Did you know that you can adopt directly from the Arizona state foster care system without being required to foster first?  You absolutely can adopt directly, and are not required to be a licensed foster family first. We Are Their Future works with Building Arizona Families, the largest adoption agency in Arizona, and they specialize in direct adoptions.

If you would like information on the direct adoption of an Arizona foster child, go to www.wearetheirfuture.org/adoption.  Enter your contact info and we will immediately send you the basic requirements and process for direct adoption of Arizona foster children..

Love Stories – The Journey from Foster to Forever Families

Part 1: The Missing Piece

Raiden was a foster child hoping and praying someone would want to become his family. Chris and Jessica couldn’t have children themselves, and believed through adoption they could find the missing piece of their family. The Missing Piece is their family’s love story about the journey from foster to forever family.

Will You Help Us Find Forever Families for Foster Children Like Raiden?


Please make your most generous,  tax deductible, secure contribution to help find loving, safe homes and forever families.