Building Arizona Families, a local licensed adoption agency in Arizona, can help many different kinds of families wanting to grow. Forever families can be married couples with children already or trying to start their family now, or even single individuals looking to offer a forever home to a child in need. A forever family can be whoever comes together to share love, safety, and happiness. If you are ready to open your home in Arizona to a deserving foster child in need, please visit our adoption agency Building Arizona Families. We are here to help you learn more about our amazing adoption program, helping people grow a family and adopt foster children!

Single Applicants are Encouraged to Adopt Foster Children in Arizona

Married couples are not the only applicants eligible to adopt foster children in Arizona. Single women and men can adopt foster children and offer a beautiful new start to a child waiting for a parent to love and care for them forever.

Below are a few eligibility requirements for single applicants interested in adopting foster children in Arizona –

An individual living in Arizona needs to be legally eligible to adopt a child or teen in foster care. The single applicant does not need to be foster care certified to adopt foster children in Arizona but certified to adopt through a home study. For approximately six months, a foster child will be welcomed into the home and then can be legally adopted. Please visit us HERE to learn more about the requirements to adopt foster children in Arizona.

Foster Children Available for Adoption in Arizona

The majority of foster children are five years of age or older. There are also sibling groups or children who have a higher level of need. All children in the foster system deserve to feel the stability and love of a forever family. Download our Adopting Foster Children Information Guide HERE.

Building Arizona Families is a Local, Licensed Adoption Agency in Arizona Ready to Serve You

As an Arizona adoption agency founded by two women, every adoption that we facilitate is special. Building Arizona Families adoption agency is committed to walking beside you every step of the way until your forever family is complete!

Our local, licensed Arizona adoption agency offers complimentary adoption seminars online. The seminars include detailed information about the adoption process, requirements, costs, and types of adoptions available to prospective adoptive families. Please reach out by calling Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mailing her at [email protected] for more information about upcoming adoption seminars. Read more about our licensed adoption agency in Arizona HERE. We look forward to helping your forever family grow!

Learn more about We Are Their Future and how you can help children living in the foster care system by visiting us HERE. There is a way everyone can help a child in need of a forever family.