Qualify to Adopt Foster Children in Arizona

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You Might Qualify to Adopt Foster Children in Arizona Did you know that there are foster children throughout Arizona who can’t return home, have had their parental rights severed as a result of unmitigated life threatening abuse and neglect, and are hoping that someone will open their heart and home to them? They want forever […]

Over 275 Teens Exited Foster Care Without an Adoption in Arizona

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In 2020, 276 teenagers in foster care never received the wonderful news that a forever family is adopting them and giving them a life full of love, hope, safety, and support. These children now have to experience life without a loving family by their side and a stable foundation for their future. Without a support […]

Keeping Siblings Together When You Adopt Foster Kids in Arizona 

Adopt Foster Kids Arizona

Adopting foster kids in Arizona is an urgent matter.  These children have been the victims of child abuse and/or severe neglect.  When the issues that created the abuse have not been remedied and the children cannot safely be returned home, their biological parents’ rights are severed.  When this happens, these abused children enter the care […]

Foster to Adopt AZ Foster Children to Protect Them from the Rise of Abuse

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The COVID-19 lockdown has not only changed the daily lives of people around the world but has also made home life much more dangerous for many children in at-risk family settings. During times of heightened stress like we are experiencing now, child abuse and domestic violence cases begin to drastically increase, and children in the […]

Adopt Foster Kids in Arizona Facing Aging Out During the Pandemic 

Adopt Foster Kids Arizona

Aging out of the foster care system without ever being adopted is just heartbreaking. As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted families willing to open their hearts and homes, the numbers are rising. When a teenager ages out of the foster care system, their chances of homelessness, drug use, pregnancy, and incarceration rise significantly. In the […]

The Need for Adopting Foster Kids in Arizona is Urgent!

Adopting Foster Kids in Arizona

Arizona State University recently studied the negative effects that living in foster care have on foster children and how adopting foster kids in Arizona can completely change a child’s life. Children in foster care offered their input on what is essential for children when living in foster care. One foster child shared: “I guess I […]

Now More Than Ever Adopt Foster Kids in Arizona – It’s Essential

Adopt Foster Kids in Arizona

The world can be hard enough for kids living in foster care who experience abandonment, loneliness, pain, and sadness. But imagine what happens when life is turned upside down for society, and foster children do not have a forever family to keep them safe and protected. When society faces issues like the current COVID-19 outbreak […]

Celebrity Advocates Bring Attention on Foster to Adopt in AZ

foster to adopt AZ children gains celebrity support

What was the last thing you saw a celebrity advocate for in the media? There are many organizations, charities, and awareness movements that celebrities support. Foster care may have not previously had the attention it deserved, but recently, celebrities are taking a stand for children in foster care. The decline of foster families in Arizona […]

Building Arizona Families Encourages Us to Adopt Foster Children

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Children enter foster care through no fault of their own because of abuse and/or neglect. They need your help! Building Arizona Families is privileged to help Arizona families seeking to adopt foster children throughout the United States. Our mission is to find adoptive homes for as many children in foster care as we possibly can. […]