Give the Gift That Changes the Future – Adopt Arizona Foster Children

T I S . T H E– season –  Adopt Arizona Foster Children

… that over 10,000 children in the Arizona foster care system are hoping and praying for safe, loving forever families. They want to celebrate Christmas like other children, and to know that they won’t have to move again, live with strangers, and be a child without the security of a home and family. You can change that. Just $25 helps us find forever families that will adopt Arizona foster children. 

This year, We Are Their Future has connected
Arizona families interested in adopting foster children with a licensed adoption agency! Help us find more families!
$25 helps us find one family!
Arizona families interested in adopting foster children with a licensed adoption agency! Help us find more families!
$25 helps us find one family!

These precious children deserve a future like other Arizona children.
Government does not make a good parent. We need families to
open their hearts and homes to adopt Arizona foster children.

Adopt Arizona foster children, they deserve safe, loving homes.

As 2018 comes to a close, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all of the wonderful blessings 2019 has to hold. We are grateful that you help change Arizona’s most vulnerable children’s lives, thank you!
Vickie Isaac, M.Ed, President & CEO


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Thousands of Arizona Foster Children Are Hoping for Forever Families

There are thousands of foster children in Arizona whose parental rights have been severed. This means that these precious children are legally available for adoption. Additionally, Arizona families interested in helping vulnerable Arizona foster children who have already suffered so much can consider the foster to adopt AZ children process. The foster to adopt AZ children process is not required, however, and foster children whose parental rights have been severed are available for direct adoption.

Adopting foster children is a wonderful way to grow a forever family for many reasons. First and foremost, these precious children deserve to be safe, loved, and have a bright future. No child in America should grow up in foster care – children flourish in families. Secondly, adoption from foster care is often faster and far less expensive than private adoption. And of course the best reason, is that it will change your family and the child’s life forever!

Building Arizona Families specializes in helping Arizona families adopt foster children through our Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program. As a licensed adoption agency, we have been serving prospective adoptive families since 2004. We are located in Phoenix, AZ but are able to provide adoptive services of foster children from every state, not just Arizona. The adoptive family must be located in Arizona, but the child is not required to be a foster child in Arizona.

For more information about adopting Arizona foster children, read more HERE.  You can read more about Building Arizona Families Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program HERE. Please feel free to reach out to the program manager to get more specifics about adopting Arizona foster children or the foster to adopt AZ process.  Please contact Ixcel Baca directly  at 623-696-9537 or by e-mail HERE.

Over 500 Arizona Foster Children Celebrate Home for the Holidays



We Are Their Future

Contact: Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.

Over 500 ARIZONA Foster Children From Group Homes

Celebrate Home for the Holidays Kick-Off at

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing World Championships

PHOENIX (Oct. 26, 2017) – We Are Their Future is pleased to announce the Home for the Holidays campaign kick off on November 4, 2017 at the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing World Finals, held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. The Home for the Holidays kick-off event is a celebration day for Arizona’s foster children that reside in group homes.

On November 4th, over 500 foster children will be treated to a day at the races courtesy of Lucas Oil. The goal for the day is encouragement and inspiration, to remind them that they are loved and not forgotten – that Arizonans are working to insure that they have a family and a bright future. The goal for the Home for the Holidays campaign is to spotlight the need of these precious Arizona foster children, reminding Arizonans that in our own backyard are orphans, hoping and praying someone will open their heart and home to invite them to be a part of a forever family.

The celebration festivities includes a visit from World Champion Drag Boat Racer Tony Scarlata, tours of the racing pits, complimentary lunch, Santa and Mrs. Claus at Santa’s Workshop, games, and gifts. It also includes a brief inspirational program. Guest speakers include:

  • The Gavazzo family, who have selflessly fostered and adopted vulnerable children with special needs and horrific backgrounds of abuse. Chris and Tiffany believe that the powerful love of a family brings healing to wounded, broken children. Their message will be a compelling one of love and encouragement.
  • Maria Hinderleider, who entered the foster care system at 6 mos. of age, and aged out at 18 years old. Maria graduated high school at sixteen, earned a master’s degree, married, had children, and enjoys a successful career. Maria’s potent message will challenge the children to choose success, refusing to be defined by their circumstance.
  • Racing legend and current World Champion drag boat racer Tony Scarlata, who holds back-to-back racing titles. Tony is truly a champion but has suffered setbacks, including a serious crash in Australia. His powerful appeal will be to value hard work, persistence, and embracing the necessity of overcoming failures in order to triumph.

The two month Home for the Holidays campaign is tightly focused on finding adoptive families. We Are Their Future believes this is the most critical component to changing the future for Arizona’s foster children. A multitude of data illustrates the grim fact that the longer a child remains in the foster care system, the less likely his future outcomes will be positive.  Statistics also illustrate the heartbreaking fact that last year over 1,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system aged out without ever being adopted, and that numbers are trending to be at the same level for children aging out without families this year. High profile educational campaigns include participation in large scale events such as the NASCAR CAN-AM, commercials from influential Arizonans, and a robust public relations campaign.  The goal for this campaign is to find over 2,000 forever families – half of the number of children in foster care with severed parental rights.

More information on the Home for the Holidays campaign is available at:

Additional information on adopting, fostering, volunteering, and donating is available at:

Please contact Vickie Isaac, M.Ed to schedule Interviews, reserve press passes, and Home for the Holidays Celebration Day schedule.    602.403.7575 cell



We Are Their Future is a registered 501(c)(3) organization founded by Vickie Isaac, CEO/President of We Are Their Future, dedicated to helping Arizona foster children find forever familiesVickie Isaac, M.Ed. As the former Director of Communications at the Arizona Department of Child Safety, Mrs. Isaac believes that government should not be parenting children. She is convinced that if Arizona citizens were well informed about the plight of Arizona’s foster children, they would certainly step forward to help. As a result, We Are Their Future educates and engages citizens to meet the urgent needs of foster children. Citizen engagement includes adopting, fostering, volunteering, and donating to change the future of Arizona’s most vulnerable children. Since inception in April 2017, We Are Their Future has recruited over 600 Arizona families interested in adoption and fostering, and over 150 individuals interested in volunteering to help Arizona foster children.

We must find loving families to give precious Arizona foster children

the future they deserve.

We Are Their Future 
Phone: 602.403.7575  //  E-mail:                   

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Steve and Becky Chose to Adopt Foster Kids to Build Their Forever Family

Steve and Becky Chose to Adopt Kids to Build Their Forever Family

Like thousands of families across the United States, Steve and Becky could not have biological children. They always knew they wanted to be parents. It was a natural decision for them to choose to adopt foster kids to build their forever family.

Steve and Becky adopted two sons.  They brought each child home as a newborn. In our brief interview, they share that the adoption process was much easier than they expected. Steve and Becky simply can’t imagine loving biological children any more than they love each of their adopted sons.

There Are Many Reasons to Adopt Foster Kids

There are many reasons that adoption is the perfect solution adopt foster kidsfor a family who are unable to have children biologically. Each adopted child is blessed to know the love and security of a family.  Adopted children have a bright future that otherwise would not be possible. The adoptive family is changed forever by the love of a precious child.

Just as there are many reasons to adopt, there are different types of adoption. Every family is different as well. Some families want to adopt a baby. Others prefer an older child.  And some choose to adopt more than one child to keep siblings together.  Regardless of what type of adoption, precious foster children’s lives change forever. In addition, adoptive families are blessed by the expansion of love in their home.

For more information on direct adoption of children from foster care including qualifications and processes, CLICK HERE.


What is True Religion? A Radio Interview with Vickie Isaac, Founder of We Are Their Future

Arizona foster child

I’ve been to Africa, I’ve served in orphanages, and held children languishing with AIDS.  It’s a life altering experience.   I wrestled with coming back to the U.S., knowing how desperate the children are in Africa.  Then I learned about the heartbreaking realities of child abuse and neglect in America.  In a recent radio interview with Tom Brown’s on FaithTalk 1360, I shared  some of what I have learned.

I learned that in Arizona alone, a child is abused every TWO minutes.  And that there are almost 17,000 foster children in just the Arizona state foster care system.  Of the almost 17,000 children, about two-thirds of them will eventually have their parental rights severed.  There are over 3,000 foster children RIGHT NOW who are ORPHANS in Arizona alone – right here in our own backyard.  And as much as I love oversees missions work, I can no longer ignore the fact that we have a mandate to care for these vulnerable children.  As a matter of fact, the Bible describes true religion as taking care of orphans in distress – Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27.  Believe me, these children are in distress!

Because of this overwhelming need, I founded We Are Their Future.  It is a citizen’s initiative to  meet the urgent needs of foster children who have been horribly neglected and abused. It’s why I am advocating for foster children, and why I believe everyone can and should do something to help them.

Please take a few moments to listen to the interview.  Here is the link:

I firmly believe that once everyday people like you and I find out about how many foster and adoptive children there are, they will step up and help.  These children have been horrifically neglected and abused.  They need to be safe, loved, and grow up in forever families.  Everyone can do something to help – foster, adopt, volunteer, and donate.  It costs We Are Their Future only $25 to find a family interested in fostering or adopting.  Compare that to the cost to care for a child in a group home – about $4,000 per month!  Can you spare $25?  If so, CLICK HERE to help find a forever family for an orphaned foster child.

I urge you to look at the ways of getting involved, and embrace the challenge to be a part of changing the future for these children.  We cannot sit idly by and believe  government can parent these children.  It takes homes, families… it takes US.  CLICK HERE to look at ways YOU can change a vulnerable foster child’s future.  Thank you, and please share this information – because if EVERYONE DOES SOMETHING, we can change the future for foster children.

Standing to change children’s future,

Vickie Isaac, M.Ed.

Founder/CEO, We Are Their Future

Vickie Isaac, CEO of We Are Their Future Interview on Valley Focus Radio

We Are Their Future Founder Vickie Isaac

We Are Their Future founder and President/CEO Vickie Isaac was interviewed on Valley Focus this past Sunday. Valley Focus,  a Sunday morning feature of Hubbard Broadcasting  on five radio stations in the Phoenix metro area. Conversation focused on the urgent needs for Arizona foster children.  Every day Arizonans were encouraged to get involved in helping the almost 17,000 vulnerable children in Arizona’s state foster care system.

Host Valerie More graciously invited Vickie and Ixcel Baca, Program Coordinator for Building Arizona Families to join her on air.   Valerie told her audience that helping Arizona’s foster children is the greatest need she has highlighted in her years of hosting  Valley Focus.  Arizona Helping Hands, Inc​ was highlighted as a wonderful way Arizonans help foster children.

Heartbreaking facts about Arizona foster children were discussed.   There are almost 3,000 vulnerable children who live in group homes with other Arizona foster children.   Over 5,000 abused or neglected children entered foster care in the past six months reporting period.  There are thousands of Arizona foster children whose parental rights have been severed, leaving them orphaned.  When children are removed from their homes, their meager belongings are hastily thrown into a garbage bag.  These are just a few of the heartbreaking facts.  There are many more…

We Are Their Future encourages everyone to do something – foster, adopt, volunteer, or donate.  We cannot sit idly by, assuming that government should be raising these children.  These vulnerable Arizona foster children need to know they are safe, loved, have a family to belong to, and a future they can hope for.  Please take some time to listen to the interview.   Please choose a way to help Arizona’s foster children.   Everyone can do something!