We Are Their Future Offered Great Opportunity!

indy car racing for we are their future exhibit

WOW! We Are Their Future has just been given the opportunity to exhibit at the Phoenix Grand Prix! AND…. we want YOUR business or non-profit to join us! Attendance is anticipated to be 25,000 people. Exhibitor opportunities are NOT available to the public, but we have been graciously included. Booths start at $7500.00, but with We Are Their Future, the cost to your business is a $3,000 tax deductible donation that will help change foster children’s lives! Non-profit’s cost is $2,500.00 There are a limited number of booths, so reach out ASAP if you are interested. AND, if you exhibit, you will also receive the positive PR associated with helping the over 17,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system. Truly a WIN-WIN!

It’s a quick turn around, but definitely a worthwhile one! We have access to booths that you can use for $100, including set up and tear down. The event starts Friday at noon and gates open at noon again on Saturday. It will be a GREAT event!

If interested, e-mail me ASAP as booth space is limited. [email protected]