National Adoption Day November 20, 2021

National adoption day

On National Adoption Day, communities in the United States come together to finalize thousands of adoption for children in foster care who have been hoping and praying for forever families. This day is held each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November in all 50 US states to celebrate and finalize hundreds of adoptions of children in foster care.


National Adoption Day is also collective effort to raise awareness of the more than 120,000 children waiting to get adopted from foster care in the United States who did not get adopted today. They are still waiting in group homes around our country, hoping and praying that they will get chosen to be a part of a forever family.


(In this instance the biological families are the abusers, the parents who have had their rights severed so they are not allowed to be around the children or be included in the adoption process).


It’s also important to take the time to recognize, respect, and appreciate all the members of the adoption system by showing appreciation for the thousands of hard working people who are work tirelessly to watch over foster children and find them a forever family. National Adoption Day is a celebratory day where their hard work is rewarded by witnessing the miracle of abused, orphaned foster children are welcomed with the loving arms of their forever families. The joy erases the weariness of their difficult days as they witness the fruit of their labor.

This year National Adoption Day will fall on November 20, 2021. Adoption events are spilling out of courthouses all over the United States as precious foster children are finally welcomed into a loving place of belonging called family. While this day is officially celebrated in November, we can celebrate foster children being adopted every day. We are thankful for everyone who is involved in this journey.

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