Foster Child to Forever Family – An Honest Look at the Journey

An honest interview from a family who adopted the first foster child they took into their home – the challenges and the joys of the journey from foster child to forever family…

Of the over 17,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system,  over HALF of the vulnerable foster children remain in state care OVER a year? And did you know that ONE in FOUR foster children suffer from PTSD?  We HAVE to help!  Every foster child deserves a loving, safe, and stable home and a forever family.

Remember, this critical need must be solved by everyday people – it is not government’s responsibility to raise children, it is a parent’s responsibility!  Every child deserves parents to help guide them into their future.  Can you foster or adopt an Arizona foster child?   Do you know someone who can?  Or, can you volunteer, or financially contribute to help meet the needs of these vulnerable children?     Please share this video, and SIGN UP TO HELP!

Check out this honest interview about the journey of fostering and adopting, and what a blessing it can be not just for the fortunate foster children, but for those who choose to open their hearts and homes, and learn to love in ways they never imagined…

Don’t forget, please share this video, and SIGN UP TO HELP!

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